Most frequent questions and answers

Now you can enjoy a new green care-free experience of cleaning, We are a woman owned company that really cares about our customers, our employees and our planet, that’s why we use green and eco-friendly practices and natural cleaning products to serve your home or office. We are committed to our values that are aligned with the protection of your health, our employees’s and our beautiful planet Earth .

Every place is unique and has different needs and spaces to clean. With this service we visit you to understand your needs and allows us to create a specific plan for you to choose different services and upgrades or exclude areas and that are not important to you.

Your safety and health it’s out priority when we deliver our service to you. When we use green practices and products, we want to help to keep the health of our customers avoiding to use and leave chemicals at home or office that can harm your health or your loved ones’s and also our cleaners aren’t expose to breath those substances that can make them sick or hurt their skin. Our green practices are designed to keep you safe from using chemicals, reduce the impact  of our footprint and protect the environment for this and future generation.

Choosing our service makes you part of the movement that is moving forward to a better and green future for our planet while has a much healthy way of living. Green practices are the actions that we take to keep your home clean, safe and healthy while also protect our environment, for example instead of using or cotton cloths or paper to clean, we use microfiber cloths that are three times more effective than a cotton cloths and is capable to remove up to 98 % of bacteria and 93 % of viruses from a surface using only water (without any chemicals) .and can be reusable up to 500 times

YES! We like to keep everything green and healthy. If a natural product is not fitted for a specific task, we use an eco-friendly solution or an eco-friendly branded product but we keep using the most healthy option available to us. Your health and safety while cleaning is our priority.

Of course you can! Our service is tailored to your specific needs and if you want to have a cleaning made only with natural products, we can design a system for your home or office that is tailored


Most frequent questions and answers

We are happy to serve the San Mateo County, South San Francisco. San Francisco and Oakland.

Now you have a service that deliver to you a broad curated collection of natural handmade cleaning solutions to clean your home in a safety and healthy way.  A natural green product are the agents that we use to clean your home or office that are made from natural elements, for example, our multipurpose cleaner. This solution is elaborated with vegetable base soap, water and  essential oils that enhance the cleaning because it has disinfection natural properties. This help us to avoid the use of chemicals that can hurt you, your loved ones or our employees. Also, we re-use our bottles. Sometimes we also use green branded products commonly used in the green industry.

If you don’t want to wait for a visit or just want a standard cleaning this is the way to go. This is a fast and easy way to start your service on a regular basis or just book for one time cleaning.

A tailored service is a precise and detailed made to order cleaning service. This allows us to know your needs and create a system  specifically for your space. You  also can choose different services not available for standard cleaning.

Both services are delivered with the same high standard but have a different function. The Tailored service is designed for people who wants a detailed and precise cleaning and has different needs. A standard service is for uncomplicated houses that only need the basic standard.

It is worth to mention that a tailored service has access to different extras not available in the standard service like full steaming.

Some of us loves the smell of the lavanda or lemon on our home but some others are sensible to the aromas. You can choose to have your cleaning scented or unscented and even you can ask to have a strong, medium or soft intensity.